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The State of Kentucky

Nov 22, 2020

The KY Democratic Party has a new chair! On this week's The State of Kentucky, we got to interview Colmon Elridge, and learn more about his goals and plans for the KDP.

Nov 7, 2020

Election 2020 was not a good cycle for Kentucky Democrats, to say the least. On this week's The State of Kentucky, we talk with Robert Kahne, Representative Joni Jenkins, and Senator Morgan McGarvey about WHY this happened, and what Dems in Kentucky need to do going forward, both for elections and for the General...

Oct 31, 2020

The election wraps up in a few days, with some expected winners and some upsets. Which seats will flip? What will be the biggest surprise? Join us on The State of Kentucky as we break down the election with Trent Garrison, and see if you agree with our predictions!

Oct 24, 2020

Here we are, less than two weeks till Election Day, and in Louisville there is a ballot initiative to stop a school tax increase. Or is there? And how does the KY Republican Party tie into the story? Join us for a discussion with Gay Adelmann and Denita Wright about all things JCPS Tax Increase.

Oct 10, 2020

Mitch McConnell has been our senator as long as some of us have been alive. Is this the year we can FINALLY help him retire? Join us on The State of Kentucky for a conversation with Amy McGrath, as we talk about her campaign, her strategy, and what she is seeing as she flies (literally) around the state.